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Social Justice Donor Links

Indigo Trust:
Social Justice Initiative:
ELMA Philanthropies:
The Other Foundation:
Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES) South Africa:
Resourcing Philanthropy:   www.resourcingphilanthropy
GastrowBloch Philanthropies:
The Ford Foundation:
The Mott Foundation:
Omidyar Network:
The DG Murray Trust:
Open Society Foundation (OSF):
The Bertha Foundation:
The Millennium Trust:
Heinrich Boll Foundation:
Sigrid Rausing Trust:
Claude Leon Foundation:

Project Vignettes & Videos

Afesis Corplan:
Traditional Leadership and Local Government Interface Program
Africa Check:
Africa Check: Vignette
Vignette of Africa Check’s work
amaBhungane (The M&G Centre for Investigative Journalism):
At last: transparency (well, some) in the funding of political parties
Open Justice and Media Access
Breaking out of Investigative Journalism’s Catch 22
The Bench Marks:
Community Monitors Training School
Black Sash:
Section 38 Inquiry - Personal Legal Liability for Political Head
CALS (Centre for Applied Legal Studies):
Victory for mining community activist
The Women of Marikana
Climate change & corporate accountability
Investor Roadshow on Full Disclosure report: Corporate dishonesty about breaches of environmental laws.
Promoting transparency, accountability and environmental compliance: Holding company directors accountable for environmental crimes
Centre for Child Law:
Child & Youth Care Centers Under the Microscope
Children’s Institute:
A victory for children’s rights
Corruption Watch:
Work completed and Lessons Learnt
Corruption Watch’s Bua Mzansi campaign
Theory in practice
Judges Matter
Judges Matter: A short reflection on some of our recent work
Equal Education:
Addressing spatial injustice and education injustice – ensuring progressive feeder zone policies in Gauteng Leveraging Resources for School Infrastructure in Gauteng
How EE Organises
Strengthening Community Expression Through Paralegal Capacitation
Story links on the Cape Town Drought
Update on work on Local Government Budgeting by the City of Cape Town
Ground work:
Global Green and Healthy Hospital
Climate, Energy, and Air Pollution at the Public Health Association of South Africa (PHASA) Conference
Gun Free:
Alexandra Youth take on gun violence
The Bridge Leadership Engagement
Heartlines project video:
HLANGANISA Institute for Development in Southern Africa (HIDSA):
HIDSA’s NGO/CBO Twinning Project: rallying behind the ‘game changers’
Advocacy Work
Just Detention South Africa:
Why we should care about what happens behind bars
Shareholder activism: thoughts on SASOL and standard bank
Land and Accountability Research Institute:
Malidu Judgement: a victory for the Constitution
The Learning Trust:
Programme Suggestions
Focusing on Openness and Accountability
Media Monitoring Africa:
MMA Innovations - Enabling change
Tools Leave a Lasting Impression
National Alliance for the Development of Community Advice Offices (Nadcao):
Long-term sustainability of community advice offices
Ndifuna Ukwazi:
Bromwell Street & The Struggle for Well-Located Accommodation for Evictees
A New Phase of Struggle for Safety and Justice in Khayelitsha: The Road Forward from the O’Regan-Pikoli Commission of Inquiry
NU's reflection on its Social Audit work
The Wolwerivier social audit.
Open Democracy Advice Centre
ODAC Notes
Pegasys Institute:
Thinking back to move forward: What I would have done differently when I was in the Department of Water Affairs.
Improving equity in access to water for productive uses in inkomati usuthu water management area (IUWMA)
Planact News
Synopsis on Planact's Projects and Interventions
Input to Raith Foundation Strategic Development
Planact and Spring Valley Development Committee hosts xenophobia awareness day
Nine-point impression of Fifth Parliament
The unresolved estates’ crisis
Report: Thusang Morwalo Housing Event
High Court help desk project
Limpopo Community Advice Office Project - Knocking on Doors
Are Audit Committees and Municipal Public Accounts Committees the Route to Responsible and Responsive Local Governance?
Rural Health Advocacy Project:
Key levers of change for rural health
Section 27:
Life Esidimeni: Where we are six months later
#TextbooksMatter – An advocacy and monitoring campaign run by Basic Education for All with the support of SECTION27
Health Market Inquiry
The use of litigation, research and advocacy in SERI's informal trade area of work
Chung Hua Community Relocated to Safe Accommodation After Years of Struggle.
Social Justice Coalition:
Recent work on evictions in informal settlements
Our campaign for safety and justice continues
Khayeltisha Commission Timeline
Inside the building of an online public service accountability tool
Campaign to support transparent and accountable process to appoint the SABC permanent board
SOS Campaigning for people-centered migration of broadcasting services to digital terrestrial television
Working with the State through ongoing engagement with Parliament
A film created by the Homeless Story Project
Western Cape Forum for Intellectual Disability:
Out in the cold – the failure of the department of basic education to provide basic education for learners with severe to profound intellectual disability
Wits Justice Project (WJP):
Justice Project wins gold in Jakarta
Womens Legal Centre:
The Case for the Recognition of Muslim Marriages
Workers World Media Productions:
De Doorns labour community media forum leads in resolving violent protest