Working for Social Justice

Monitoring and Evaluation

The Foundation follows a “Monitoring and Evaluation for Learning” approach. This seeks to promote learning that leads to better programme strategies and improved performance, both amongst grantees and by the Foundation itself.

The Foundation’s “M&E for Learning” approach seeks to avoid imposing onerous, distracting reporting requirements on grantees. It builds on a clear agreement reached at the outset of the grant relationship on what the overarching strategic intention of the intervention is. Grantees describe this in a Theory of Change and provide a high level description of the outputs to be delivered over the course of the grant.

RAITH seeks to promote a culture of engagement and encourage evaluative thinking. In order to achieve this RAITH provides its grantee partners with small grants to expedite strategic evaluative projects.

Every six months, grantees report very succinctly on their progress and provide an update on developments in their sector. Foundation staff then visits them and discusses their progress.

The Foundation recognises the important contribution that evaluations can make and seeks to build evaluation capacity in its grantees. It provides its grantees with on-going technical assistance to support evaluation design and implementation.

The Foundation convenes regular reflection and learning sessions and provides opportunities for grantees to present and reflect on their strategies and to share lessons. As part of the M&E for Learning approach, commissioned research is undertaken and support is provided for other learning processes.