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Programme Principles

The Raith Foundation does not fund development projects but its grantees need to follow an approach consistent with the following principles.

  • The project must be people centred (about people, not a commodity or a sector)
  • It should empower citizens
  • It should be responsive and participatory
  • It should be holistic (address the entire system and understand linkages and the need for coordination)
  • It should be sustainable
  • It should be strengths based
  • There should be an awareness of micro-macro links (in projects as learning sites)
  • Where possible, they should be conducted in partnership (between civil society organisations or different Government departments or between civil society and Government)
  • They should be long term and flexible

At the heart of The Foundation’s programme models is the belief that an evidence base is needed and that this evidence base must be well documented and widely disseminated if this change is to be systemic.

The Foundation is committed to long-term partnerships. Where The Foundation is not able to be a long-term partner it emphasizes the need for exit plans or sustainability plans beyond The Foundation's support.

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Please note that the RAITH offices will be closed until further notice given the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. As such, we are unreachable on the office landline. If you would like to contact us, please send an email to info@raith.org.za.

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