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Grant Application Process
 1 Applicant logs on to and completes eligibility quiz
Time: 2-3 business days
Should the applicant proceed in the process, applicant completes registration and completes a concept note
Time: RAITH office meetings once a month
 3 Applicant will receive a confirmation of place on funding pipeline or a decline
Time: 3 months ahead of Board meeting to which it will get presented at
 4 Applicant will submit an application
 5 RAITH office presents the application to the Board and it is approved or declined
 6 Office signs contract with the applicant
 7 Grant implementation commences


If you would like to apply to RAITH for funding you can do so here. The process is not time consuming. You are asked to complete a short eligibility quiz and registration. Thereafter you can submit a short concept note. If your application is not an emergency you can expect to hear from us within 1 month of concept note submission.

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