Working for Social Justice

Funding Guidelines

The Foundation believes that funds and the length of funding periods should be awarded depending on the type of project. The Foundation funds grants of up to 3 years and makes repeat grants. The Foundation is committed to establishing long-term partnerships to fund organizations over longer periods should the project or programme require this kind of support. The Foundation investigates the possibility and benefits of giving longer term grants to trusted partners.
The Foundation prefers to fund project-specific or programme work. Grants are awarded to nascent organisations or projects within established organisations whose work fits well with the aims of the Foundation but who may not be long established or have a track record.

Due to the Foundation’s capacity constraints, it does not usually make grants of less than R500 000. Intermediaries are used to help channel resources to smaller recipients, helping to provide the Foundation with a wider geographical and often rural footprint. 

The Foundation provides emergency funding in the following cases:

  • Where there is an immediate threat to the Constitution
  • Where there is an unforeseen opportunity to impact on work which strengthens democracy and helps realise the rights envisaged in the Constitution.
The Foundation does not accept unsolicited proposals. If you are interested in submitting a proposal please send a letter of enquiry to the office. For those wishing to apply for emergency funding please also contact the office at