Working for Social Justice

Current Grants: Accountability & Transparency

The RAITH Foundation currently funds the following organisations:

FairShareSA NPC

FairShareSA was established in 2009 and will be a resource centre and action platform for the coordination, enhancement and amplification of civil society work to expose corporate conduct which violates Constitutional rights and exacerbates inequality in South Africa. Many South African companies have profoundly negative impacts on the fundamental rights and quality of life of millions of South Africans, but they are seldom held to account for these impacts. Good corporate citizenship is claimed by many of these companies, but its values are seldom evident outside of public relations materials. FairShareSA’s objective will be to stimulate active ownership and responsible investment by shareholders to force companies to internalise the values of corporate citizenship, and to end impunity for companies which conduct business in an unlawful, unsustainable or exploitative manner. RAITH funding is in support of the overarching objective of this project to improve corporate citizenship in South Africa such that the conduct of the country’s corporate sector contributes to a reduction in poverty and inequality.

Total R6 724 922 over 3 years
2017: R1 667 500
2018: R2 575 195
2019: R2 482 227

Africa Check

Africa Check, established in 2015, promotes accuracy and accountability in public debate and the media. Misinformation, false claims and “fake news” impact citizens’ ability to make informed choices and hold officials accountable. The objective of the organisation is to promote the proper functioning of democracy by encouraging accuracy in public debate and the media in South Africa and strengthening accountability and trust. RAITH funding is in support of the overarching objective of this project to promote honesty and accuracy in public debate and the media in South Africa, thus improve accuracy, accountability and the quality of public discourse.

TOTAL: R1 655 000 over 3 years
2017: R500 000
2018: R550 000
2019: R605 000

Land & Accountability Research Centre

LARC is a research and advocacy unit concerned with power relations, and the impact of national laws and policy in framing the balance of patriarchal and autocratic power within which rural women and men struggle for democratic change at the local level. The objective is to hold back traditional leadership laws that threaten rural democracy and propose alternative laws and policies that promote rural democracy and are consistent with living law. The objective will be achieved by conducting extensive empirical research, policy analysis, workshop engagement with rural citizens, engaging Parliament, public dialogues and litigation. RAITH funding is in support of the objective of the project to hold back traditional leadership laws that threaten rural democracy and propose alternative laws and policies that promote rural democracy and are consistent with living law.

Total R6 399 217 over 3 years
2016: R1 993 811
2017: R2 129 541
2018: R2 275 865

Centre for Environmental Rights

The Centre for Environmental Rights (CER) is a non-profit environmental rights law clinic established in 2010 that helps communities defend their right to a healthy environment by advocating and litigating for transparency, accountability and compliance with environmental laws. RAITH funding is in support of CER’s objective for better regulation of corporate behaviour by the state by promoting greater transparency and disclosure by the state and corporates and by empowering affected communities to defend themselves from corporate behaviour that compromises their quality of life.

TOTAL: R6 000 000 over 3 years
2016: R1 867 000
2017: R1 987 000
2018: R2 145 700


amaBhungane is a Non-Profit Company registered in 2009, which started operating in 2010. AmaBhungane seeks to “promote open, accountable, a just democracy and a free press capable and worthy of performing this duty. To do so, it develops investigative journalism in the public interest, inter alia by engaging in best practice, by transferring investigative skills to other journalists, and by helping to secure the information rights investigative journalists need to do their work.” In order to achieve its objectives it has an investigations programme, a skills transfer programme and an advocacy programme. The investigations programme has delivered a sustained stream of ground-breaking content, focused to a large degree on what is in the public interest. RAITH funding is in support of the overall objective of this project to develop investigative journalism in the public interest, ultimately to promote open, accountable and just democracy.

TOTAL: R2 628 521 over 3 years
2015: R800 000
2016: R873 855
2017: R954 666

Corruption Watch

Corruption Watch is a Johannesburg-based Non-Profit Company established in 2011. Corruption Watch seeks to encourage and enable the public to participate in combating corruption. It encourages citizens to report instances of corruption and undertakes investigations and targeted research. Corruption Watch participates extensively in legal and policy processes and prioritises the management of stakeholder relations through its work. CW is essentially a project that seeks to mobilise active citizenship in combatting corruption. Active public participation is a critical element in combating corruption, an offence against the public. CW’s biggest achievements have been in the work of its communication team, which has firmly established it as the leading CSO in the communications sphere. RAITH funding is to support Corruption Watch’s “Combating corruption through public participation and behavioural change programme. “ Corruption Watch’s objectives in this programme are to encourage and pressurize leaders of the private and public sectors to operate ethically and to combat corruption; to participate in imposing consequences on those who act in a corrupt and unethical manner; and to encourage active and well-informed public participation in speaking out against corruption.

TOTAL: R4 500 000 over 3 years
2015: R1 500 000
2016: R1 500 000
2017: R1 500 000

Centre for Applied Legal Studies

CALS is a human rights law clinic and research centre founded in 1978 and based at Wits University that undertakes research, advocacy and strategic litigation to advance social justice in South Africa. The project will address two issues, namely the lack of transparency around corporate activities and the way they impact on human rights and impunity for human rights violations caused by operations or corporations. CALS objective is to work towards a South African corporate community that has increased awareness of, and is responsive to, human rights standards and is accountable for corporate-linked human rights violations. RAITH funding is in support of the overall objective of the project to clarify the content and scope of corporate accountability for human rights violations and to hold corporations to account for such violations.

TOTAL: R4 808 777 over 3 years
2015: R1 499 600
2016: R1 624 226
2017: R1 684 951

Media Monitoring Africa (MMA)

Media Monitoring Africa (MMA) was established in 1993. MMA collects evidence and uses it to lobby for change in order to ensure that media continually expose the behaviour of powerful interests so that peoples’ rights to dignity and equality can be realized. MMA seeks to achieve this through media monitoring, research and analysis, reporting and facilitating debates as well as developing tools, training, lobbying and litigating on media related issues. RAITH funding is in support of MMA’s objective to strengthen democracy and encourage a just and fair society through transparent, diverse and ethical media that amplifies people’s voices and holds powerful interests to account.

TOTAL: R3 851 302 over 3 years
2016: R1 163 535
2017: R1 279 889